Based in Eastwood, is Sydney's leading authority on automotive key coding and diagnostics. A few things we look after include:

Auto/Car Key Replacement

The AutoKeyMaster People offer a fast car key replacement service .Car keys are high tech,now have a transponder in the head of the key. We have the technology covered. We are able to make more than 85%of modern car keys.Whatever your requirement our staff can supply you with a replacement car key.

Saving your time and hundreds of dollars.

Auto/Car Spy Key

If you don't have a spare key for your vehicle, we highly recommend you consider purchasing one today. A spare key can save you not only hundreds of dollars but thousands in some cases.

Vehicle manufacturers have taken massive strides in the security of their vehicles which gives great peace of mind for car owners but can be a major headache when they lose their only set of keys.

Don't risk the inconvenience of losing your key and getting your car towed or costing you thousands. Call us today and we can help you.Having to have your vehicle recovered and transported to a main dealership is both expensive and time consuming taking anything up to 2 weeks in some cases.Here at Autokey we can help avoid that major headache. We stock all types of genuine dealer vehicle keys.

Repair Car Key

We provide the Repair Service for your car remote controls and garage remote controls. Brand New car shell replacement for your worn and old car key, or change in to flick&fold car key. All jobs including the key cutting. Complete working key in your hand. Please feel free to contact us.